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100 unique Hindu Punjabi baby boy names starting with the letter “Q,”

starting with the letter “Q,”

Serial No. Name Meaning Lucky Color Lucky Number Rashi Traditional/Trendy Month Name
1 Qamar Moon White 2 Taurus Trendy May
2 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 5 Leo Trendy August
3 Qawi Strong Red 1 Scorpio Traditional November
4 Qadim Ancient, Antique Brown 8 Virgo Traditional September
5 Qaadir Capable, Powerful Green 3 Sagittarius Trendy December
6 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 9 Pisces Traditional March
7 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 7 Cancer Traditional July
8 Qamar Moon White 4 Libra Traditional October
9 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 6 Aries Trendy April
10 Qawi Strong Red 2 Aquarius Trendy February
11 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 5 Gemini Trendy June
12 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 8 Leo Traditional August
13 Qamar Moon White 1 Scorpio Traditional November
14 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 4 Virgo Trendy September
15 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 7 Sagittarius Traditional December
16 Qawi Strong Red 9 Pisces Traditional March
17 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 3 Cancer Trendy July
18 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 6 Libra Trendy October
19 Qamar Moon White 8 Aries Traditional April
20 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 2 Aquarius Trendy February
21 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 5 Gemini Traditional June
22 Qawi Strong Red 7 Leo Traditional August
23 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 1 Scorpio Trendy November
24 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 4 Virgo Traditional September
25 Qamar Moon White 6 Sagittarius Trendy December
26 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 9 Pisces Traditional March
27 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 3 Cancer Trendy July
28 Qawi Strong Red 5 Libra Trendy October
29 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 8 Aries Traditional April
30 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 2 Aquarius Trendy February
31 Qamar Moon White 4 Gemini Traditional June
32 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 7 Leo Traditional August
33 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 1 Scorpio Trendy November
34 Qawi Strong Red 3 Virgo Traditional September
35 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 6 Sagittarius Trendy December
36 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 8 Pisces Traditional March
37 Qamar Moon White 5 Cancer Trendy July
38 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 9 Libra Traditional October
39 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 2 Aries Trendy April
40 Qawi Strong Red 4 Aquarius Trendy February
41 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 7 Gemini Traditional June
42 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 1 Leo Traditional August
43 Qamar Moon White 3 Scorpio Trendy November
44 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 6 Virgo Traditional September
45 Qubaan Language, Speech Green 8 Sagittarius Trendy December
46 Qawi Strong Red 2 Pisces Traditional March
47 Qayyum Sustainer, Self-Subsisting Yellow 5 Cancer Trendy July
48 Qaabil Able, Capable Blue 7 Libra Traditional October
49 Qamar Moon White 9 Aries Trendy April
50 Qasim Distributor, Divider Blue 3 Aquarius Trendy February
51QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen6GeminiTraditionalJune
53QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow1ScorpioTrendyNovember
54QaabilAble, CapableBlue4VirgoTraditionalSeptember
56QasimDistributor, DividerBlue2PiscesTraditionalMarch
57QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen5CancerTrendyJuly
59QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow9AriesTrendyApril
60QaabilAble, CapableBlue3AquariusTraditionalFebruary
62QasimDistributor, DividerBlue8LeoTraditionalAugust
63QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen1ScorpioTrendyNovember
65QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow7SagittariusTrendyDecember
66QaabilAble, CapableBlue2PiscesTraditionalMarch
68QasimDistributor, DividerBlue7LibraTraditionalOctober
69QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen9AriesTrendyApril
71QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow6GeminiTraditionalJune
72QaabilAble, CapableBlue8LeoTraditionalAugust
74QasimDistributor, DividerBlue4VirgoTraditionalSeptember
75QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen7SagittariusTrendyDecember
77QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow2CancerTrendyJuly
78QaabilAble, CapableBlue5LibraTraditionalOctober
80QasimDistributor, DividerBlue1AquariusTrendyFebruary
81QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen4GeminiTraditionalJune
83QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow9ScorpioTrendyNovember
84QaabilAble, CapableBlue3VirgoTraditionalSeptember
86QasimDistributor, DividerBlue8PiscesTraditionalMarch
87QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen2CancerTrendyJuly
89QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow7AriesTrendyApril
90QaabilAble, CapableBlue9AquariusTraditionalFebruary
92QasimDistributor, DividerBlue3LeoTraditionalAugust
93QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen6ScorpioTrendyNovember
95QayyumSustainer, Self-SubsistingYellow1SagittariusTrendyDecember
96QaabilAble, CapableBlue4PiscesTraditionalMarch
98QasimDistributor, DividerBlue9LibraTraditionalOctober
99QubaanLanguage, SpeechGreen2AriesTrendyApril

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