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100 unique Hindu Punjabi baby boy names starting with the letter “T”

starting with the letter “T”

Serial No. Name Meaning Lucky Color Lucky Number Rashi Traditional/Trendy Month Name
1 Tanish Ambition, Desire Blue 7 Leo Trendy August
2 Tushar Frost, Snow White 4 Cancer Traditional July
3 Tejas Radiant, Brightness Yellow 5 Sagittarius Trendy December
4 Tarun Young, Youthful Red 3 Taurus Traditional April
5 Tanay Son Green 6 Libra Traditional October
6 Taran Raft, Saviour Blue 8 Aquarius Trendy February
7 Trilok Three Worlds Gold 9 Gemini Traditional June
8 Tirth Holy Place, Ford White 2 Scorpio Traditional November
9 Tanuj Born of the Body Yellow 1 Aries Traditional April
10 Teerth Holy Place, Ford Blue 3 Leo Traditional August
11 Tarak Protector, Star Red 7 Capricorn Trendy January
12 Tejaswi Energetic, Bright Yellow 9 Gemini Trendy June
13 Tanmay Engrossed, Absorbed Green 5 Virgo Trendy September
14 Trishanku A Mythological King Blue 4 Aquarius Traditional February
15 Tuhin Snow White 2 Libra Trendy October
16 Tanav Flute Green 6 Sagittarius Traditional December
17 Tapan Sun Red 1 Taurus Traditional April
18 Tarush Conqueror Gold 8 Leo Trendy August
19 Tirthankar Lord Jina, Ford Blue 7 Capricorn Traditional January
20 Tanishq Jewel Silver 5 Gemini Trendy June
21 Tushar Frost, Snow White 4 Virgo Traditional September
22 Tejas Radiant, Brightness Yellow 3 Aquarius Traditional February
23 Tarun Young, Youthful Red 9 Aries Trendy April
24 Tanay Son Green 6 Leo Traditional August
25 Taran Raft, Saviour Blue 8 Capricorn Trendy January
26 Trilok Three Worlds Gold 2 Sagittarius Traditional December
27 Tirth Holy Place, Ford White 7 Gemini Traditional June
28 Tanuj Born of the Body Yellow 5 Virgo Trendy September
29 Teerth Holy Place, Ford Blue 1 Aquarius Traditional February
30 Tarak Protector, Star Red 6 Taurus Trendy April
31 Tejaswi Energetic, Bright Yellow 9 Leo Trendy August
32 Tanmay Engrossed, Absorbed Green 3 Capricorn Trendy January
33 Trishanku A Mythological King Blue 5 Sagittarius Traditional December
34 Tuhin Snow White 7 Gemini Traditional June
35 Tanav Flute Green 2 Virgo Traditional September
36 Tapan Sun Red 4 Aquarius Traditional February
37 Tarush Conqueror Gold 8 Taurus Trendy April
38 Tirthankar Lord Jina, Ford Blue 6 Leo Traditional August
39 Tanishq Jewel Silver 1 Capricorn Trendy January
40 Tushar Frost, Snow White 5 Sagittarius Traditional December
41 Tejas Radiant, Brightness Yellow 7 Gemini Trendy June
42 Tarun Young, Youthful Red 3 Virgo Traditional September
43 Tanay Son Green 9 Aquarius Traditional February
44 Taran Raft, Saviour Blue 4 Taurus Trendy April
45 Trilok Three Worlds Gold 6 Leo Traditional August
46 Tirth Holy Place, Ford White 2 Capricorn Traditional January
47 Tanuj Born of the Body Yellow 8 Sagittarius Trendy December
48 Teerth Holy Place, Ford Blue 5 Gemini Trendy June
49 Tarak Protector, Star Red 1 Virgo Traditional September
50 Tanmay Engrossed, Absorbed Green 9 Aquarius Traditional February
51TrishankuA Mythological KingBlue4TaurusTraditionalApril
56TirthankarLord Jina, FordBlue2VirgoTrendySeptember
58TusharFrost, SnowWhite6TaurusTrendyApril
59TejasRadiant, BrightnessYellow3LeoTraditionalAugust
60TarunYoung, YouthfulRed7CapricornTraditionalJanuary
62TaranRaft, SaviourBlue4GeminiTraditionalJune
63TrilokThree WorldsGold8VirgoTraditionalSeptember
64TirthHoly Place, FordWhite5AquariusTraditionalFebruary
65TanujBorn of the BodyYellow7TaurusTrendyApril
66TeerthHoly Place, FordRed9LeoTraditionalAugust
67TarakProtector, StarGreen2CapricornTraditionalJanuary
68TejaswiEnergetic, BrightBlue6SagittariusTrendyDecember
69TanmayEngrossed, AbsorbedGold1GeminiTraditionalJune
70TrishankuA Mythological KingWhite7VirgoTraditionalSeptember
75TirthankarLord Jina, FordBlue6SagittariusTraditionalDecember
77TusharFrost, SnowWhite3VirgoTraditionalSeptember
78TejasRadiant, BrightnessYellow7AquariusTrendyFebruary
79TarunYoung, YouthfulRed4TaurusTraditionalApril
81TaranRaft, SaviourBlue1CapricornTrendyJanuary
82TrilokThree WorldsGold6SagittariusTraditionalDecember
83TirthHoly Place, FordWhite9GeminiTraditionalJune
84TanujBorn of the BodyYellow3VirgoTrendySeptember
85TeerthHoly Place, FordBlue5AquariusTraditionalFebruary
86TarakProtector, StarRed7TaurusTraditionalApril
87TejaswiEnergetic, BrightYellow2LeoTrendyAugust
88TanmayEngrossed, AbsorbedGreen8CapricornTrendyJanuary
89TrishankuA Mythological KingBlue4SagittariusTraditionalDecember
94TirthankarLord Jina, FordBlue2LeoTraditionalAugust
96TusharFrost, SnowWhite8SagittariusTraditionalDecember
97TejasRadiant, BrightnessYellow4GeminiTraditionalJune
98TarunYoung, YouthfulRed1VirgoTrendySeptember
100TaranRaft, SaviourBlue9TaurusTraditionalApril

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