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100 Hindu Punjabi baby boy names starting with the letter “O,”

starting with the letter “O,”

Serial No. Name Meaning Lucky Color Lucky Number Rashi Traditional/Trendy Month Name
1 Omkar Lord Shiva Blue 7 Leo Traditional August
2 Om Sacred Sound White 2 Taurus Traditional May
3 Omesh Lord of the Om Green 6 Virgo Trendy September
4 Ojas Vitality, Energy Yellow 1 Aries Trendy April
5 Oorjit Powerful Red 8 Scorpio Traditional November
6 Ojaswin Energetic Orange 9 Pisces Trendy March
7 Omeshwar Lord of the Om Blue 5 Cancer Traditional July
8 Omkar Lord Shiva Green 4 Libra Traditional October
9 Om Sacred Sound Yellow 3 Capricorn Traditional December
10 Ojas Vitality, Energy Blue 2 Aquarius Trendy February
11 Ojaswin Energetic Green 7 Sagittarius Trendy November
12 Omkar Lord Shiva Yellow 1 Taurus Traditional May
13 Omesh Lord of the Om Blue 9 Pisces Trendy March
14 Ojas Vitality, Energy Green 8 Leo Traditional August
15 Oorjit Powerful Red 6 Virgo Trendy September
16 Ojaswin Energetic Orange 5 Aries Trendy April
17 Omeshwar Lord of the Om Yellow 4 Scorpio Traditional November
18 Omkar Lord Shiva Blue 3 Capricorn Traditional December
19 Om Sacred Sound Green 2 Aquarius Trendy February
20 Ojas Vitality, Energy Yellow 1 Gemini Trendy June
21 Oorjit Powerful Red 9 Cancer Traditional July
22 Ojaswin Energetic Orange 8 Leo Traditional August
23 Omesh Lord of the Om Blue 7 Virgo Trendy September
24 Omkar Lord Shiva Yellow 6 Libra Traditional October
25 Om Sacred Sound Green 5 Scorpio Traditional November
26 Ojas Vitality, Energy Blue 4 Capricorn Traditional December
27 Oorjit Powerful Yellow 3 Aquarius Trendy February
28 Ojaswin Energetic Green 2 Pisces Trendy March
29 Omeshwar Lord of the Om Orange 1 Aries Trendy April
30 Omkar Lord Shiva Red 9 Taurus Traditional May
31 Om Sacred Sound Blue 8 Gemini Trendy June
32 Ojas Vitality, Energy Green 7 Cancer Traditional July
33 Oorjit Powerful Yellow 6 Leo Traditional August
34 Ojaswin Energetic Orange 5 Virgo Trendy September
35 Omesh Lord of the Om Blue 4 Libra Traditional October
36 Omkar Lord Shiva Yellow 3 Scorpio Traditional November
37 Om Sacred Sound Green 2 Capricorn Traditional December
38 Ojas Vitality, Energy Blue 1 Aquarius Trendy February
39 Oorjit Powerful Green 9 Pisces Trendy March
40 Ojaswin Energetic Orange 8 Aries Trendy April
41 Omeshwar Lord of the Om Red 7 Taurus Traditional May
42 Omkar Lord Shiva Blue 6 Gemini Trendy June
43 Om Sacred Sound Green 5 Cancer Traditional July
44 Ojas Vitality, Energy Yellow 4 Leo Traditional August
45 Oorjit Powerful Orange 3 Virgo Trendy September
46 Ojaswin Energetic Blue 2 Libra Traditional October
47 Omesh Lord of the Om Yellow 1 Scorpio Traditional November
48 Omkar Lord Shiva Green 9 Capricorn Traditional December
49 Om Sacred Sound Blue 8 Aquarius Trendy February
50 Ojas Vitality, Energy Green 7 Pisces Trendy March
53OmeshwarLord of the OmRed4GeminiTrendyJune
54OmkarLord ShivaBlue3CancerTraditionalJuly
55OmSacred SoundGreen2LeoTraditionalAugust
56OjasVitality, EnergyYellow1VirgoTrendySeptember
59OmeshwarLord of the OmOrange7CapricornTraditionalDecember
60OmkarLord ShivaBlue6AquariusTrendyFebruary
61OmSacred SoundGreen5PiscesTrendyMarch
62OjasVitality, EnergyYellow4AriesTrendyApril
65OmeshwarLord of the OmBlue1CancerTraditionalJuly
66OmkarLord ShivaGreen9LeoTraditionalAugust
67OmSacred SoundYellow8VirgoTrendySeptember
68OjasVitality, EnergyBlue7LibraTraditionalOctober
71OmeshwarLord of the OmBlue4AquariusTrendyFebruary
72OmkarLord ShivaYellow3PiscesTrendyMarch
73OmSacred SoundGreen2AriesTrendyApril
74OjasVitality, EnergyOrange1TaurusTraditionalMay
77OmeshwarLord of the OmGreen7LeoTraditionalAugust
78OmkarLord ShivaYellow6VirgoTrendySeptember
79OmSacred SoundBlue5LibraTraditionalOctober
80OjasVitality, EnergyGreen4ScorpioTraditionalNovember
83OmeshwarLord of the OmYellow1PiscesTrendyMarch
84OmkarLord ShivaGreen9AriesTrendyApril
85OmSacred SoundBlue8TaurusTraditionalMay
86OjasVitality, EnergyGreen7GeminiTrendyJune
89OmeshwarLord of the OmBlue4VirgoTrendySeptember
90OmkarLord ShivaYellow3LibraTraditionalOctober
91OmSacred SoundGreen2ScorpioTraditionalNovember
92OjasVitality, EnergyOrange1CapricornTraditionalDecember
95OmeshwarLord of the OmYellow7AriesTrendyApril
96OmkarLord ShivaGreen6TaurusTraditionalMay
97OmSacred SoundBlue5GeminiTrendyJune
98OjasVitality, EnergyGreen4CancerTraditionalJuly

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